Remaking History

​When we first started modelling, we made engines that appeared in our train-spotting books. Now, with hindsight, we appreciate the importance of our railways in creating a history and heritage that we remember and admire. So we have modelled some of the most memorable trains of this wonderful period. Here are a few of them.

The Royal Scot

A named express train that ran between London Euston and Glasgow, up the West Coast Main Line. Our model consists of six ‘Kitmaster’ coaches with a restaurant car, hauled by Coronation Pacific 46234 Dutchess of Abercorn and Princess Royal Pacific 46203 Princess Margaret Rose.

Duchess of Abercorn climbs the hills.


An express train that ran between London Euston and Glasgow Central, departing from both ends at mid-day. In 1959/60 it ran from Carlisle to London without stopping. Our model is the same six coaches as the Royal Scot, but now hauled by Coronation Pacific 46224 Princess Alexandra and BR Pacific 71000 Duke of Gloucester.

Princess Alexandra and Duke of Gloucester, 20 years apart

The Thames Clyde Express

A mainline express, operated by the Midland Railway over the Settle and Carlisle line. Our model is a seven coach ‘Kitmaster’ rake with full restaurant facilities, hauled by rebuilt Jubilee 45736 Pheonix piloted by Fowler 2P 40700 and rebuilt Royal Scot 46106 Gordon Highlander.

45736 Pheonix and her Pilot

The Yorkshire Pullman

A first class dining service from Kings Cross in London to the Yorkshire cities of Leeds, Bradford and Sheffield in the late 1950s and early 60s. Our model is a seven coach ‘Hornby Dublo’ rake of Pullmans hauled by Gresley A4 Pacific 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley, Gresley V2 60873 Coldstreamer, Gresley B-1 61008 Kudu with N2 0-6-2t 69574 as shunter.

Rail travel does not get any better than this.

The City Sleeper

To travel by night in the luxury of a bed was one of the wonders of the world in the 1950s. Our model is a five coach 1970s Hornby Dublo sleeper rake, hauled by Coronation Pacific 8P 46202 Princess Anne, Coronation Pacific 46251 City of Nottingham, Un-rebuilt Scot 46148 The Manchester Regiment and un-rebuilt Patriot 45520 Llandudno.

46148 The Manchester Regiment. What dreams are made of.

The Night Mail

Made famous by W.H. Auden with his poem the ‘Night Mail’ and the mail robbers. Our model is a five coach 1970s Hornby Dublo mail rake, hauled by 46202 Princess Anne and un-rebuilt Patriot 45503 The Royal Leicestershire Regiment.

Letters for the rich, letters for the poor. The shop at the corner, the girl next door.

Semi-Fast Passenger Locomotives

The back bone of BR passenger services should never be forgotten. Our model is a five coach 1970s Hornby Dublo corridor rake hauled by BR Britannia Pacific 70002 Geoffrey Chaucer, un-rebuilt Patriot 45503 The Royal Leicestershire Regiment, Jubilee 45573 Newfoundland, Stanier Black Five 45212, and BR Standard 73156

70002 Geoffrey Chaucer. A Triang triumph!

Steam Special Passenger Locomotive

In the late 1950s BR ran many steam enthusiast specials. Our model is a five coach rake of Clerestory and old L.M.S. coaches. This exclusive train is hauled by a restored Johnson Midland Compound 4P numbered 1000, famous for having 7ft driving wheels and Fowler 0-6-0 3F 43258.

1000 tales to tell.

Freight Train

The scourge of all rail passengers, but the saviour of our country. Our model freight trains are typical of the industries of the 50s., coal, oil, bolster and mixed goods. The locomotives we run to availability are Stanier 8F 48431, WD 8F 90423, BR Standard 9F 92192 and Fowler 0-6-0 4F 43924.

'Freight train freight train goin' so fast'

Breakdown Train

Ugly but essential. Our model is a Hornby Dublo five truck crane and tool van, hauled by Fowler 0-8-0 7F 49508.

An 'Austin Seven' to the rescue.

As is the case in reality, the real rail services are the unglamorous trains, such as the 2-6-0 moguls on the holiday and football specials, the 2-6-4ts on the local trains, the 2-6-2ts on the push and pull and later the D.M.U.s. Hornby Central is a busy station with 35 arrivals and departures

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